Beyond The Mountains is a historical novel that both teens and adults will like to read and recommend to their friends. In 1766, Jonathan Williams lives with his family in western North Carolina. He longs for adventure and wants to cross the mountains dividing him from the lands he hears others talking about. Before he obtains his parents' blessing on such a venture the Battle of Alamance threatens to divide him and his family. He tries to decide whether to fight against the governor or venture farther west. A childhood friend, Hannah, has seemingly, been abandoned by her husband and also wants to leave her position at the town tavern. She wonders if her husband will return or if the rumors she hears about him are true. She wishes Jonathan would take her with him when he leaves. As the story unfolds you will learn about both Jonathan and Hannah. After Jonathan finally has his dream come true, he struggles whether it is right to settle a land already occupied by other people. You will get to know friends they make on their adventures during a part of our history when the new people to our country were pushing westward.

What people are saying about Beyond The Mountains

by Belinda Jo Adams
(retired secretary) “You are a GREAT story writer. I thoroughly enjoyed your book. When are you writing another book?”

(retired national park ranger) “Am anxious to read it. It will be a good Christmas gift.”

(Air Force weapons person) I received the book yesterday and started reading it last night. I really like it so far. It’s a mixture of the kinds of reading that I like (wilderness and history). I'm enjoying it.”

(homeschool mom) “We were thrilled to hear your book is in print, now I get to finish reading it. (she had read part one while I was writing it) Will there be a sequel?”

(beautician) – “I ordered your book, got it read it and liked it. I want to read more of your writings. Where can I find them?”

(retired factory worker) “I bought your book. I read your book. I liked your book. Keep writing.”

(city worker / brother of BJA) : “I read your book. I started reading it at the dr. office and couldn’t stop. I didn’t know my sister had that much imagination. I was really impressed!”

(aircraft mechanic) “Good, clean, and wholesome reading material is to be commended. Very interesting and attention capturing.”

(school teacher) . “I read your book and it was very well done. It was very readable and informative."

“I am putting your book on my Christmas list. It sounds interesting.”

(homeschool mom of deaf child) “My mother-in-law got me your book for Christmas!!!! I've started reading it between holiday functions.”

(housewife - writer - secretary) - “Just a few minutes ago, I finished reading Beyond the Mountains. I thanked our God for your talent and for writing such a gripping, spiritually endowed book. I found great joy in reading it. It held strong elements of excellent writing. No reader will be disappointed.”

“I liked your book very much. It was well written.”

(housewife - pianist) “I finished reading your book. I'm looking forward to getting the next one once it comes out.”

Note: Two teenage girls read it and liked it so much they did their school book reports on it.

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