My Precious Jewel is a love story set in the early 1900's in the United States. Book Description Eleven-year-old Emerald Cooper loves Aaron Davis, who is ten years her senior and only sees her as a close friend of the family. At the turn of the 20th century, a time when women could not enter into a manís world, she could not let him know how she felt before he left on a venture. While Aaron is away helping in the building of the Panama Canal, a newcomer, Reuben Baker, comes to town. As the years go by, Reuben falls in love with Emerald and sets her heart in turmoil as she tries to decide whether to wait for a chance to declare her love for Aaron or accept a love that is being offered her right now.

What people are saying about My Precious Jewel

by Belinda Jo Adams

I finished reading your new book a couple of days ago and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I liked it even better than the first two! The day I got it in the mail, I sat down almost immediately and finished reading it the same day! I think it's very good. Congratulations on a great book.
If you have not read My Precious Jewel by Belinda Jo Adams, you need to do so. It is very interesting.
I finished "My Precious Jewel" last night. I loved it! It didn't turn out the way I expected at first. I could visualize Dayton! You know, when I was young I took voice lessons from an elderly lady who had her studio in one of the upper level rooms above The Arcade. Elders, Bomberger Park, the Little MIami, NCR, Third and Wayne, albeit many years later. I was wondering if you were going to mention the flood in it. I remember one of my teachers reading a book about the flood to my class. Good job. Okay, ready to move on to "The Lure of Alaska!"
This book has a compelling storyline that weaves a tender love story into a captivating historical background. The love that Emmy finds when she learns to wait on the Lord is surpassed only by the all-encompassing love and grace of God.

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