A historical novel that both teens and adults will like to read and recommend to their friends. Silent Love, the sequel to Beyond the Mountains, tells about Jonathan's great-nephew Clayton Williams as he leaves his home in North Carolina to follow in his uncle's footsteps by venturing farther west. Beth O'Neill and her family are also traveling over the Cumberland Mountains heading west. See how Beth handles losing her family, then tries to decide what to do now that she is on her own and headed to an unknown land. Read how their lives intertwine with Winola, a twelve year old girl, whose drunkard father loses her to slavers while gambling. Experience with them the hardships and pleasures of living in the early 1800's Ohio. Note: Silent Love can be read alone. You do not have to read Beyond the Mountains before it.

What People are saying about Silent Love

by Belinda Jo Adams

(pastor’s wife) “I was so surprised at a happening in the last chapter.”

(cashier - senior citizen) told her daughter “You’ve got to read it!” [her daughter did read it.]

(husband of writer) enjoyed the story and gave lots of advice to improve it. The advice was heeded.

1993 (many times-published writer) critiqued it. Lots of red marks and advice. She liked the story and said BA had promise.

(single lady - secretary) “I like that type of story.”

(dental hygienist- housewife) “I couldn’t put it down. I read it in 1 1/2 days. What a wonderful story about the testimony of lives and its affect on others and the power of prayer!!”

(senior citizen- housewife) “A wonderful story. Really kept me alert to finish it to know what was going to happen next.”

(teenager) “Beautiful. I stopped cross-stitching my quilt piece to read it and finish it in about 6 hours. It was too good to put down.”

(housewife - office worker) “What a delightful book to read! I had tears in my eyes in several spots. I didn’t want to put it down and I’m looking forward to the next book.”

(deaf, housewife) “I like it and the deaf parts were real.” [She kept asking BJA if it is at the publisher’s yet, etc.]

(housewife - teacher - deaf worker) “May I read you other one, also?”

(housewife) “A warm-hearted family story.”

(wife of a deaf man - interpreter) You have produced a truly inspirational piece of literature. As the story unfolds it captures the imagination causing the reader to mentally and emotionally participate with its characters. With each page and every succeeding chapter eagerness and enthusiasm crescendos as the drama plays itself out to the end. I enjoyed your flair for the ‘mysterious’ and your knack for ‘cliff hanging’ which beckoned and lured the reader to the finish line. Great job.”

(missionary) – You wrote a good story. Thanks.

To order Silent Love, please go to one of the stores listed below. If they say they are out-of-stock, you can try to order them anyway. They are print-on-demand, so they can get them. It just means they don't have one in stock at the moment.

iUniverse.com the publisher). Choose bookstore then author by name.


Barnes and Noble

In the Southeast Georgia you can buy Silent Love (already signed) at:

Pass It On Marketplace & Boutique! Open Tuesday thru Saturday! . They are located at: 225 Main St. Blackshear, Georgia 31516 Phone:912-807-7467

You can also go to the publisher and Amazon to read Silent Love online, or at least enough to see if you want to read it.

Speaking of reading Silent Love for free, don't forget the local libraries in Blackshear, Waycross and Folkston have my books so you can check them out!!

One special place to order the books is Silent Word Ministries. They have all four novels and they are signed by the author (me!) Part of the proceeds go to them. That is a good thing because their ministry helps deaf people come to Jesus and / or grow in Him.

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