13:28 8/20/2016 What People are saying about The Lure of Alaska by Belinda Jo Adams

The Lure of Alaska The quest for Gold lured many people to the cold frontier of Alaska in the late 1890's and early 1900's. Cason Williams was on a different quest, though. He wanted to find the real reason his friend, Shane, died in his search for the precious dust and to clear away any suspicion of him doing wrong. At the same time, back in their home state of Georgia, Shane's fiancée's world had turned upside down at the death, first of her fiancé and then her father. Now, her mother insisted she marry a wealthy man in their town. Anna does not have a desire to spend the rest of her life as his wife.

What people are saying about The Lure of Alaska

by Belinda Jo Adams

William: I read "The Lure of Alaska" and enjoyed it (good story, and learned more about Alaska). Good Christian emphasis without sounding like a sermon or SS lesson.
Several readers: Excellent book. When are you going to write more?
I was very impressed with your book! I enjoyed the story, the settings and the characters very much! Your descriptions were very good, and I felt you followed through on your characters very well. You carried the story well over a period of time. The story had to cover a couple of years because of the way they traveled back then, and the lack of immediate communication. It was very well done without the story getting bogged down. I truly enjoyed your book and thought you might like to know what I saw of value in it. (A fellow writer)"
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