The novels follow the history of the fictional Williams family through various branches of the family tree, sometimes veering off to another surname altogether. But that family connects in some way! A family lineage in the front of each book, keeps you up on the family connections.

Each book is a stand-alone story, but is a part of Belinda Jo's series called: A Tale That is Told.

Belinda Jo Adams has been writing for more than 30 years. She actually started writing while in junior high school, but at age 40 she began seriously writing for publication. Her one desire is for her writings to glorify God and encourage people as they read her books, poems, devotions and articles. Her favorite type of writing is to take events from history and use that in a story or devotion.

Her books are available on as paperback and for Kindle. You can also get them from most bookstores by requesting them. They are still Print on Demand. The only one that is not available as paperback online is The Treasure of North Pole Alaska. It is available for Kindle.

During the summer of 2016 she revised the first four novels, made new covers and set them up on Create Space with Amazon. They are the SAME stories as they were with a few minor corrections. She was also able to lower the price of them, hoping more people will purchase them, both to read and maybe share with friends!

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The Inheritance is written about the same family line as the others, but it is a short story.

Cost $6.95 // Kindle eBook $2.99

The Inheritance

The Oregon Trail (a 2,000 mile trek) was formed out of necessity to get people from the east coast to the west coast. Most of these pioneers settled in California, Oregon and Utah. It is said that between 300,000 and 400,000 pioneers used the Oregon Trail and its various three branches to go to these destinations, all hoping for a better way of life. The Inheritance is based on fact, but the people written about are fiction. Read on as you travel The Oregon Trail with three brothers and learn what secret inheritance they carried.


FYI: The pictures of the 4 books until Satilla Secrets above are the original looks of them. The picture below is the revision of the books that were made in 2016. .*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*. You may see either one as you are shopping until the first edition is all sold out. Please note that if you see them for outrageous prices, that is not me! .*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.

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Each novel cost $11.95 // Kindle eBook $2.99

Beyond The Mountains Silent Love Satilla Secrets My Precious Jewel The Lure of Alaska

BEYOND THE MOUNTAINS: In 1766, Jonathan Williams longs for adventure and wants to cross the mountains. Before he obtains his parents' blessing on such a venture, the pending Battle of Alamance threatens to involve him in fighting against the governor of North Carolina. Hannah, has seemingly been abandoned by her husband and wants to leave the town tavern. She wonders if her husband will return and wishes Jonathan would take her with him if he leaves. As the story unfolds you will meet friends they make on their adventures during a part of our history when the new people to our country were pushing westward. SILENT LOVE: Clayton Williams leaves his home in North Carolina to follow in his Uncle Jonathan's footsteps by venturing farther west. Beth O'Neill and her family are also traveling over the Cumberland Mountains heading west. Read about how Beth handles losing her family, then tries to decide what to do now that she is on her own and headed to an unknown land. Read how their lives intertwine with Winola, a twelve year old girl, whose drunkard father loses her to slavers while gambling. Experience with them the hardships and pleasures of living in the early 1800's Ohio. SATILLA SECRETS: Many secrets were kept during the years as our ancestors settled this land. Satilla Secrets tells of one kept by the Smith family as they settled in the southeast area of Georgia. Read how they survive in the untamed land of outlaws and Indian attacks and help bring a longed-for town into a reality. Bonus Section: Included in the back of the book is a time line of that period of Pierce County history.
MY PRECIOUS JEWEL: is set in the early 1900's. Eleven-year-old Emerald Cooper loves Aaron Davis, who is ten years her senior and only sees her as a close friend of the family. At the turn of the 20th century, a time when women could not enter into a man’s world, she could not let him know how she felt before he left on a venture. While Aaron is away helping in the building of the Panama Canal, a newcomer, Reuben Baker, comes to town. As the years go by, Reuben falls in love with Emerald and sets her heart in turmoil as she tries to decide whether to wait for a chance to declare her love for Aaron or accept a love that is being offered her right now. THE LURE OF ALASKA: In the early 1900s, Cason Williams travels from Georgia to Alaska in search for an answer to why his friend died. Was it really an accident as the report said or was murder the real cause of death? And where is the gold Shane found? Will the old-timer Cason meets be able to help him survive the cold, dark winter of Alaska? While waiting for Cason to return, Anna, Shane’s Fiancée back home in Georgia, is worried she will be forced into a marriage of convenience to help her mother keep their home. Lucille lives through an earthquake in San Francisco. Afterwards, with the help of her best friend, she tries to decide what to do about poor choices she made many years ago. The Lure of Alaska is a combination of these three short stories and how the lives of each character intertwines.

Don't forget the local libraries in Blackshear, Waycross, Folkston and Fernandina have some of the books so you can check them out (and can be ordered in any county that is part of the PINES system OR Nassau County system)... for FREE!!

These three books are great gifts for a child or as a pictorial memory.

Treasure of North Pole, Alaska is a children's book I wrote in 2003 while living in North Pole, Alaska. This Treasure book is available as paperback only at Pass It On Consignments in Blackshear for $5.00. It is also a Kindle book for $2.99. Treasure of Blackshear, Georgia is a children's book I wrote in 2014 while living in Blackshear, Georgia. This Treasure book is available as paperback for order on Amazon. It is in color for $10.95 (because it includes color photos) or black and white for $6.95. It is also a Kindle book for $2.99. It is available as paperback at several locations in Blackshear and SE Georgia. Treasure of Fernandina Beach, Florida is a children's book I wrote in 2017. Since we are both from Fernandina, I wanted to write one about our home town. This Treasure book is available as paperback for order on Amazon. It is in color for $10.95 (because it includes color photos) . It is also a Kindle boo for $3.00. It is available as paperback at several locations in Fernandina.

Each devotional book cost $6.95 // Kindle eBook $2.99

Belinda Jo Adams wrote these short devotions so you can read them in a few minutes when you want to take a break from your busy world. She also hopes they will inspire you to read your Bible more and gain valuable insights God has for you each day.

Belinda Jo has been in church most of her life. She has taught Sunday school and interpreted for deaf people many of those years. She accepted Christ as her Savior 49 years ago and longs to share God’s love to you through these devotions.

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