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I am making this page, because doing my family research, I have found out that I, most likely, have Inidan in my history, as well as my husband. While I was putting this book together, I asked my uncles and aunts. They said there was no Indian in our line. However ....

A cousin on the Gill side told me that she asked Granny Gill why so many people in our family have dark black hair. Granny told her that her great-grandmother was full-blooded Cherokee, but they kept it a secret because it was during the Indian Removal period and they did not want to lose her (or her kin). We do not know which great-grandmother. However, the only one I do not have a maiden name for is Mary who married William O'Steen. That is my 'best guess' .... for now

For the Adams' side, Robert Adams told me that his mother was part Indian. Either his grandmother or great-grandmother was whole Indian. That would be Edith May Deane or her mother, Delia Mary Witham.

For the Harris side, Aunt Hazel told me Lelia Tatum was part Indian. One of our ancestors, Mary Ann Sweat, I have no further back information about. One day, I was researching and came across a site of Indian Genealogy. That page included Dixon and Brown, of which we have both in our line.

For the Floyds, Buddy's great-great grandmother was Indian. Uncle Roger said she was a Blackfoot. Her name is Ardonia Floyd.

I don't know for sure about any of the Indian links to us, so any more input would help. It doesn't really matter, but would be nice to know and pass down the information to our descendants.

Trail of Tears Memorial in Arkansas.
Arkansas River

Trail of Tears Memorial in Arkansas.

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